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What Does ABS Mean on a Car? | Digital Trends

Anti-lock brakes are one of the most important safety features of any new vehicle. What does ABS do for you and your car though? This guide helps explain ABS. Learning about all of the features on your new car can be a lot like learning a .【Get Price】

What Does Refinance Your Car Mean? | Pocketsense

Refinancing is the act of borrowing money to pay off a current car loan. The old lender will release its lien over the vehicle and the new lender will take a lien instead. The benefits of refinancing a car include getting a lower interest r.【Get Price】

What Does Financing a Car Mean? | Pocketsense

Financing a car simply means you can't pay for the car outright and must obtain a loan to purchase an automobile. It's the way most people buy a vehicle. Next to a house automobiles are probably the most expensive items a person will purc.【Get Price】

Car Make and Model: What Does it Mean? - ValuePenguin

A car's make is its brand such as Toyota and a car's model is the name of the vehicle or range of vehicles made by that brand—such as Camry and Corolla. Learn more about how to differentiate car makes models model years body styles and.【Get Price】